The yarn


From birch wood to the most comfortable bed linen and towels, Autentica Fibra di Legno Beltrami tells a story of nature and technology. It is the story of certified North European forests, where trees with white, flexible trunks are specially grown, but it also tells of a prestigious Italian company, whose technical know-how is combined to tradition and expertise.

The Autentica Fibra di Legno Beltrami yarn is natural and ecological. It is made from birches by means of a sustainable and eco-friendly procedure.

1Birch pulp

The finest part of birch wood coming from certified forests is chopped.


An environmentally friendly oxygen based procedure turns the pulp into extra fine cellulose


Hot wire drawing turns the cellulose into an extremely thin fibre, which is ready to be spun.

A unique yarn

The fineness of the raw material, with its precious properties, together with our cutting-edge manufacturing process gives our Fibra di Legno special features making it an exquisite and unique product.

Some characteristics are typical of the Fibra di Legno yarn and its by-products: thermostatic temperature control capability, which makes Fibra di Legno fabrics as warm as wool in winter and as cool as cotton in summer, and high transpiration degree, which allows humidity to be quickly absorbed and dispersed.

The Autentica Fibra di Legno Beltrami yarn is durable.
Its properties are enhanced wash after wash and the fabrics keep their unique beauty throughout their life span.

Fibra di Legno

More absorbent and resistant than cotton.
As smooth
and soft as silk.
As transpiring as linen.


It is very durable
and it has good absorbtion qualities.
It tends to crease
and to shrink
after washing.


Long, smooth
and robust fibres.
It is rough, it tends
to crease and it is not very resistant.


Smooth and soft yarn.
It tends to fade
and get easily stained
by water.
It is not
very transpiring.

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